Sunday, April 18, 2010

Green Shoots

I just saw a TV ad for Bergstrom Porsche of the Fox Valley.

Either the economy is doing far better than just about everyone thinks or someone needs to rethink his advertising strategy.

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OTR Stewie said...

Well, based on the way freight is starting to move now, the economy is starting to really recover. Not bullshit PR type of pseudo-recovery intended to keep everyone from panicking and making it all worse- but actual recovery. This always occurs somewhat in advance of official economists' announcements and analyses.
When people start to order "stuff" it has to be shipped - ya, no joke! ;) and the cumulative effects of a lot of small increases in business spending are felt in trucking first. You gotta ship it before you can put it on store shelves or use it to build more CRAP. So that was just a tid-bit to pass on to you for your own personal thrill. and I know how you luv it.

But this car dealership Tool (who is on Facebook blaaargh! )

Anyway that's not his excuse, so -what'd he do? Not everyone is gonna see that commercial ya know. Describe it to us.

Also, an improved economy will be a bit of a problem to the doom and gloom "Obama-is-responsible-for-the-bad-economy" Crowd. Since he's still in office, with quite a way to go yet - will they now CREDIT OBAMA for a turn-around ?
Seems both fair and logical but, Hmm.
Mebbe you kin go ask old Owen Pantywaist about that...