Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Leinenkugel for Senate?

Anyone see that coming?


Brewie Stewie said...

First, whoever wrote this sentence is an idiot
"Leinenkugel is part of the family that has been part of the beer company that shares his last name."

Second, the Leinenkugels are very socially active and seem to really enjoy all forms of Influence. And they certainly have that locally. Stewie has met both Jake and Peggy "around". They're pretty attention-grabbing folks. That Dick might be tired of living in noisy (obnoxious, anyone?) brother "Jake"s (not even his real name) shadow OR that he's really Republican in his heart shouldn't surprise folks in that area. Or anywhere. But with name recognition and a solid pro-business perspective PLUS his ability to say he can "work across the aisle" since he already has a relationship with Doyle that is positive etc etc. well, is that a bad thing? If the Reps are so fractured what better than a mild Ken-doll of a man who says "I'm just here to do this important job to the best of my abilities"
and offends no one? Kinda rare these days, might have broad appeal for ppl sick of polarizing candidates. Dunno, but stranger things have happened.

So as to "seeing it coming" well no, Stewie didn't. But not everyone acts like Tommy T./Brett Favre, smarter guys play stuff closer to their chests right? But I think the only big surprise here is that the Chippewa Falls area could spit out a politically inclined guy who can
a.) tie his own shoes*
b.) doesn't seem to want to devour everything in sight Jabba the Hut style (yes that was a Kreitlow weight joke)

* item a. was NOT a Jeff Wood joke, JW was/is a conservative human being who had a Series of Unfortunate Events. The rest of North Woods politics is much more a Larry, Moe and Curly situation. Srsly, when a guy like Kreitlow is perceived as a "beautiful ray of hope" you KNOW it's bad...

Fianl Thought and Lol-
Kreitlow legalized the free supermarket beer giveaways first thing after his election, so there's HIS early and friendly gesture to the Leinie Fam. XDDD
feel the luv...

K said...

Quite frankly, I'm shocked. I was not expecting that "rumor" especially after the polls this week. I assumed Tommy was going to announce after the Eastern Orthodox Easter observance.

Although the Leinenkugels have been all over the board donating and working with everyone from Congressman Dave Obey to nutty ex State Senator Dave Zien.