Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Van Hollen's No. 1 priority: Sex offenders"

So when is he going to start prosecuting abusive Catholic priests?

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Stewie said...

omg that was like being Rick Roll'd, tricking me into reading the Chippewa Hurled like that.
+1 Chief

so- first Mark Gunderman (the author of that bit) is a tool. He has a regular habit of writing "articles" that are REEEEEEALLY close to being obvious puff-pieces for whomever the CH Ed. Board or editor wants to put in a favorable light. Sometimes some random local do-gooder or Chamber member, but always always Republicans are given the super-soft "flattering" kind of lighting usually reserved for Doris Day.(srsly, when the camera is on her it looks like the lens is caked with Vaseline, pro'ly cuz it wuz)

In this case Van Hollen must have just rubbed his greaseball head across the lens. And what's that hair about anyway? He looks like a guy who'd hang around the darker corners of a bowling alley playing with his balls all day.

But as much as people complain (and often rightly) about the ONW, it's for waaay different, and actually better, reasons. The Herald is a joke that re-defines Jokes. Everything except Bake Sales -and maybe even them too- is written with a strongly Republican perspective. But in a somnambulent woolly-headed way that can't possibly be reproduced elsewhere in the US of A.

Hey - Maybe V.H. can have a really hard-hitting interview with these TeaBag/D-bag affiliates next

Lol this bit is from their self-description.

"we are committed to always present our readers with the truth, and the facts. Our analysis of the news will be from a Christian perspective"

oh, you go girls!