Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pub Crawls: Everything Old is New Again

We talked about this issue two and a half years ago -- here, here and here -- and it seems nothing has changed.

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Sick-Of-It Stewie said...

I won't pretend to understand the finer points of this issue in Oshkosh. But I live right in "student housing",rentals on all sides and on the way home from the bars for a lot of people.
I can't begin to estimate the dollar amount of vandalism to my property in the past 4 years on drinking nights,times I've seen someone drunk to the point of self-endangerment (like THEY think they're all "grown up" but then you know really you're babysitting if someone has slept the night under my tree and staggered off leaving purse full of ID etc, shoes, keys and yes! a box of macaroni and cheese)

There was the guy who wouldn't leave my picnic table because he was SURE he was a a mexican restaurant, and the guys who refused to stop destroying my mailbox even WHILE being confronted because "it's fun". If you tell some drunk students to leave your stuff alone at your own house...THEY get mad at YOU. Because you are interfering with their "college experience".

Okay so going to college means getting drunk off your ass, fucking up stuff, and fucking a bunch of your classmates, and then polishing your resume and being a total hypocrite, watching your own kids like a hawk, monitoring their phone calls, Internet use and sugar intake til they hate you, all the while pretending you aren't the Star of Girls Gone Wild. It's stupid, but it's the Yuppy Way.
The thing that really burns my toast is these same people would be madder than hell if someone came and did all this destruction back at their own parents homes, in their own parent's neighborhoods. It's like the people who are permanent residents in the places where they're having this stepping stone to a better life aren't REAL people to them and just don't matter. They can fuck you up and move on to their management jobs and charity orgs. and forget all about the crappy stuff they did.

Imagine how funny it would be if I was drink and just smashed some guy's iPod or phone with a hammer cuz to me it was funny while i was wasted. Some of the stuff I've had smashed seems "boring" in comparison to an iPod but costs the same per item. It's fuckin retarded. These are adults. They need to quit crapping on their neighbors. Especially since those "neighbors" are the ones who are gonna call the cops when they're drunk to a point near poisoning, and they're not able to get up off the spot on the sidewalk they're laying and it's 32 degrees out with a nice North wind.
Oh and I forgot the times I've had to tell some Big Boy to quite peeing on my house too.
All that is bullshit, and makes you wanna smash these "leaders of tomorrows" head with baseball bats. Not joking about that. People can do whatever, until they come up on my property and fuck it up. and then when told to stop challenge us to a physical fight cuz they're having "fun".
BTW that was a 6'5" B-ball "star" that wanted to get into it. I was able to recognize him cuz I'd just been cheering him on in the game a few weeks earlier. I guess he didn't return my affections. Yup, pretty goddam heartwarming stuff.

Soo yeah, a little outta patience with how much "fun" some people think they're entitled to. Lol so I guess "Everything Old Is New Again" cuz I gotta keep buying the same stuff over and over cuz drunk idiots keep wrecking it. the fucktards.