Monday, April 5, 2010

Best. Excuse. Ever.

If only I had a nickle for every time I used this line:
A young Republican donor familiar with the Young Eagles who was at the event in Beverly Hills, but did not go to Voyeur afterward, said some donors chose the club because they heard it was holding a pre-Grammy Awards party where celebrities would be present..

“A lot of people in our demographic understand that there are a lot of clubs around the country like Voyeur that are the trendy, hot clubs to go to right now,” he said.

By the time the group realized what type of club it was, they had already paid for bottle service at the door, he said. “A lot of the people who went there didn’t know what they were walking into. That said, the real issue is that that should never have been an RNC expense, and that is really why unfortunately Allison was let go.”

(emphasis added)

Really, what did you expect walking into a club called "Voyeur" -- a sports bar?


CJ said...

$1,946.25 for bottle service? *snort*

Just how many Young Eagles went to the Voyeur?

Young Eagles- better keep working on that story.....

stoooooooooo ee said...

The kind of guys who would create/join a group that's NAMED Young Eagles would be such bad douchebags they don't even have the least clue how douchebaggy they are.
Why are we admonishing these guys for doing exactly what they should??!!!
The RNC should OWN Voyeur and fill it full of their repulsive men
who would then sit around enjoying bottle service and pleasuring themselves into stupors, thus keeping the Women Of America safe and free from their pasty-fleshed attentions.