Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is David Frum Too Sexy for the Internets?


[via FF]


Steamin' Hot Stew said...

Well i dunno if he's actually that much worse than anybody else. But the question that never seems to get asked is (or maybe this is a statement that never gets made) Political dudes OBVIOUSLY are not interested in attracting a lot of women to their posses, as readers, anything.
Look at the visuals - On the one hand you've got plastic-surgery enhanced, dewy fleshed and Wonder-Bra-ed Pole Dancers.
On the other you get Even-His-Mama-Knows-He's Ugly guys like this Frum fool for the women to look at. blaaaargh.
Really he looks bad in general (as does all his kind) but then he's got that Aborigine Lip Plate look goin' on too.
The hell with this crap, I wanna see hawt hawt pix of Pelosi's and Hilary's bished-out young "escorts", but can I?
So, the answer is - the Internets and politicians ain't sexy ENOUGH. Dey FUGLY !!!

Jb said...

I need to stop drinking while posting. For the record, I thought Hemingway's post was ridiculous on a hilarious scale.