Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Ron Johnson Pre-ndorsement

Brookfield blogger Kyle Prast gives Oshkosh senate hopeful Ron Johnson her endorsement:
If you recall, I first mentioned Ron Johnson as a possibility in early April: Run, Johnson, Neumann, Grothman, Kanavas, Leibham, RUN! Spare us from Leinenkugel. (Notice, I gave him top billing.)

In that post, I suggested people call Ron to urge him to run. "If Mr. Johnson is indeed as described above, I could get behind him. Maybe you would like to contact him? I found this phone number on the internet for Pacur [his company]- (xxx) 236-xxxx. [Go to link if you want the number -- ed.]"

Well, I followed my advice and called. Ron returned my call and we had a nice conversation. He is strongly considering running. He emphasized that if he would, it would be as a Citizen Legislator, not a Career Politician. Since that time I spoke with him again and have emailed a little. He seems to be just what we are looking for.
So, he's got that going for him.

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