Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Preliminary Election Thoughts

*** Normally, I don't really care much what goes on with the School Board, but that was clearly the most interesting result of the evening. Seven months ago the Monte/Schneider/Becker triumvirate was a formidable conservative voting bloc. Not only are Becker and Monte no longer on the board, but they've been replaced by a pair progressive votes, leaving Schneider without any allies left on the board.

It will be interesting to see how Schneider reacts to his new surroundings: will he work to change the hearts and minds of his colleagues before important roll calls or just grandstand before dissenting votes? Alternatively, will the other board members ignore him or try to heed any potentially dissenting opinions?

Will being essentially powerless and/or isolated make Schneider any less likely to run for re-election next year?

We'll see.

*** All three school board winners had applied in January to fill the seat vacated by Monte. Each of them deserve credit for sticking with it. This probably didn't hurt when the NW decided to make endorsements.

*** Every candidate who received an endorsement from the NW won their election.

*** It's fairly obvious which three city council candidates any given voter chose when the went into the voting both. Odds are if you voted for Tower, you also voted for Cummings and Herman.

*** We'll get into more depth on the city council tomorrow. In some ways the election marks a dramatic tilt in its composition, just not one as dramatic as the school board.

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CJ said...

Pretty shocked at the measly voter turn out.
At 2:oopm, I was voter #63 in Ward 22.

That's freakin pitiful.