Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kerry Thomas

Mr. Thomas is one of the underdogs vying for the GOP nomination in the 8th CD.

His web site is old school.

He writes articles about turnips, discount rates at DisneyWorld resorts and seems to think Terri McCormick is the only thing preventing Paul Ryan from turning Green Bay into his own private fiefdom (you read that right). He's also a birther.

Anyway, Thomas seems like a ton of fun.

I would suggest donating to his campaign, but it appears as if the only way to get a check to him is via carrier pigeon.

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Kerry Thomas said...

I appreciate the publicity. If you had bothered to read all of my articles, instead of just skimming them and misrepresenting the bulk of my editorial opinions, you would have found that I specifically ask that anyone who wanted to donate to my campaign write the check to a reputable local charity instead, or to any of a number of legitemate military causes.