Friday, April 23, 2010

Does a Leinenkugel Run Forbode a Ron Johnson Run?

So now that Leinenkugel's in, can we expect to see Ron Johnson jump in the mix?

According to folks I would neither call "trusted" nor "reputable," the answer is yes.

The operating theory is that Leinenkugel will have a tough time winning over base voters once they recall that he's not only been working for Gov. Doyle, but was also talking about running for Governor as a Democrat as recently as 6 months ago. Once that meme takes hold the denizens of the fever swamps won't care what his policies are, they simply won't trust him. That will open the door for a "real" conservative, "tea party" candidate.

Rumor has it that none of this is really important to Johnson just yet. He's more concerned about the public scrutiny that comes with running for office.

Johnson's been getting a lot of pats on the back following his speech to the Madison Tea Party on April 15. He'll probably be getting a lot more in the near future.


Stewie said...

It sure seems to reflect where the Republicans are at now, and what the role of the D-Baggers will be. Seems kinda fracturing to me, I don't see the Teabags as any better for the Reps as the Greens are for the Dems. But anyway, I do have thought on the "Leinie was a Democrat" issue.
And of course i have no idea how he behaved within the level of the Party he had contact with as a high-level Doyle guy etc. BUT for the most part, being a Democrat in Chippewa County is like being a Republican elsewhere. There's more DINOs there than anyone wants to ever think about.
They'd get pissed if you say that out loud - The "real" democrats" because to admit that makes them feel fewer in number, and the DINOSs because then they'd have to admit why they are even in the Dem Party there in the first place.
The reason being (in my opinion) is that there are some families who are SOCIALLY key in that area who (for whatever reason) attached themselves to the Dem party and if you look at a lot of the "people you wanna know" in that area - they tend to be Dems. VERY conservative on ISSUES, like if you asked them questions on how they feel about business related things, or coal etc. They'd all be sounding very Rep. But then the more "poetic" and over-arching issues seem to get them feeling more transcendent and so on the abstractions they sound Democrat. But day-to-day life conduct, really in line with Republicanism.

So that whole supposed conflict with Republicanism is nonsense to me. EXCEPT that it can be spun to look real, so then it becomes real. Because of how it looks. So to me it's more a contest between a classic Republican and the firings elements within conservatism, and how that will play out. Unless the extremists succeed early in stamping the Democrat Branding on Leinie's forehead.
But if I was his campaign manager I'd just have him pass out a few thousand beers and wax poetic about how his intimate contact with the Dems made him see the light and hey how about another Honey Weiss there Bob?

mwahaha but I really don't have a crystal ball and I sure don't know your Ron Johnson dude so...I dunno

Stewie said...

why in the hell it shows up as "firings elements" it is supposed to be "FRINGE element"
its that damn Firefox spell-checker - comes up with the craziest word replacement suggestions all the time, I must have let that slip by

CJ said...

why in the hell it shows up as "firings elements" it is supposed to be "FRINGE element"

Still doesn't beat the Chief's public/pubic typo.

Jb said...

Yup, that one was a keeper.