Thursday, March 18, 2010

Terri McCormick does kinda Make Things More Interesting in her own Special Way

Listen, i know that Terri McCormick is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, but this is certainly a innovative batshit insane way of attacking your opponent:
Appleton, Wisconsin — Terri McCormick, Republican Congressional candidate in Wisconsin’s Eighth District, has obtained direct information from another member of Congress that Wisconsin’s own Steve Kagen is the point person for passing the Obama-Pelosi Health Care bill. “My contacts have informed me that Steve Kagen is the man on the House floor who is rallying support for the bill. He is using his status as a doctor to woo Blue Dog Democrats who are on the fence about the bill,” said McCormick.
The "Point Man"? Steve Kagen? A second term back-bencher? I don't doubt that he's whipping votes by using his MD credentials, but ... the "point man"? Really? What kind of favors can Kagen do for undecided Dems? Wouldn't someone with a little more senoirity, experience in the House, connections and, well, talent be the "point man" on what many people are calling the most important piece of legislation in a generation?

The best part of the claim is that it comes from "direct information from another member of Congress." Is McCormick running for Congress or applying for a job with the Post-Crescent? Name names, lady -- don't pull the anonymous sources nonsense out unless there are hookers and blow involved.


Anonymous said...

Batshit insane or dead-on accurate? Why would she name someone while the debate is taking place to stop the health care bill? Of course not; ridiculous.

Plus, the Dems. are doing secret backroom deals. Isn't THAT batshit insane?

Jb said...

She wouldn't name anyone because her contact doesn't exist.

Prove me wrong.