Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Fascist and Racist Origins of Mike Haskins' Social Club

According to Haskins, this is what the symbolism of the "Iron Wheel" means:
The Iron wheel represents the constant strife European mankind has survived over the centuries.

The Nine bolts represent the Nine Noble Virtues which are:
Courage,Truth,Honor, Fidelity,Discipline, Hospitality, Self Reliance, Industriousness and Perseverance.
These "Nine Noble Virtues" were "a set of moral and situational ethical guidelines codified by John Yeowell (a.k.a Stubba) and John Gibbs-Bailey (a.k.a Hoskuld) of the Odinic Rite during the 1970s."

John Yeowell -- I'm completely serious about this -- was a long-time member of the British Union of Fascists, which was as cartoonishly degenerate as it sounds. Just like the Nazi SS, the BUF used a lightning bolt for their insignia. Yeowell and his partner Gibbs-Bailey changed their names when they helped establish the Committee for the Restoration of the Odinic Rite in 1973.

Odinism was essentially an attempt to return European Aryans back to their pre-Christian glory by reverting back to ancient rites and spiritual beliefs, a theology the Nazis pursued vigorously during their time in power.

It appears that Haskins is adopting terminology and symbolism that very consciously traces its origins back to the European fascist movements of the 1930s.

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Preussen said...

"Iron Wheel" sounds close enough to "Iron Cross" I suppose. I beleive the Iron Cross was just Prussian military before it was used by Nazis so (I'm pretty sure) like the swastika a "stolen" symbol.