Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Bump Begins


By 49%-40% those surveyed say it was "a good thing" rather than a bad one that Congress passed the bill. Half describe their reaction in positive terms, as "enthusiastic" or "pleased," while about four in 10 describe it in negative ways, as "disappointed" or "angry."

The largest single group, 48%, calls the bill "a good first step" that should be followed by more action on health care. An additional 4% also have a favorable view, saying the bill makes the most important changes needed in the nation's health care system.

(emphasis added)
Only to be outdone by:
Making matters slightly worse for Republicans, the same poll found that 46% of Americans believe President Obama's handling of the health care issue has been excellent or good. For the congressional GOP, it's 26%.
[via BJ]

MORE: According to TPM's poll average (with all the attendant caveats, naturally) this could mean an almost 20 point swing in just a matter of days.

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