Sunday, March 21, 2010

Let the Apocalyptic Hyperventilating Begin!

I guess we can all expect to see nonsense like this for much of the next week or so.

Remember this night.

For it is the eve of what may very well be the 2nd American Revolution.

If the democrats pass this incredibly irrational piece of shit know as the health care bill, it should be the lighting of the proverbial fuse that results in an amazing sequence of events. There are turning points and hinges in history, this is without a doubt a profound one.

I for one plan on losing some people that heretofore I considered “friends.” I will be asking people who they voted for, and if they supported this nightmare. If they answer Obama and/or Yes. That’s it, its FUCK YOU ASSHOLE and Good bye. I am getting a very strong sense of what it must have felt like to live in the south just prior to the start of the war for southern independence..

Folks, this is the time when all honest men and women need to stand up and start judging. Forget all that bullshit about thou shalt not judge! If you don’t judge your neighbors and your elected representatives on this, then shame on you! You will be part of the sinking of this formerly great county damn it!

We'll try and collect some of the best of the sandwich board-wearing doomsday criers throughout the week, but we think it'd be wise ofr everyone to heed Alex Massie:
Needless to say the left are just as happy to hop aboard the moral panic bandwagon as the right. But there isn't a moment at which, preserved in jelly, one may perceive the United States pure and unsullied. Times change and so do countries. This health bill may be a monster (or it may not!) but it's not going to lose the Republic.

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