Monday, March 22, 2010

Mike Haskins: Future Leader of the Master Race! -- Let's Give him a Warm Round of Applause, Everybody!

Mike Haskins is back with some vintage domestic terrorist apologetics!
I AM your #1 fan! No one else navigates this page LMAO! David Lane was no domestic terrorist was those within his organization who were allegedly doing the dirty deeds. Lane was found not guilty on all charges yet the federal authorities rounded him up anyways under bogus rico statutes and gave him life ontop of life.
OK ... so he was only guilty of the RICO charges (like that's an improvement over anything), but what Haskins omits is that Lane was also found guilty of violating the civil rights of a Jewish radio talker when his gang murdered the man in his driveway.
Sorry if I admire the philosophy of a person who cared deeply about the future of his kind...
Rather, the racist hate "philosophy" of a violent criminal who sought to over throw the government.
what an awful thing to do these days in our politically correct insanity-society! :0
Here's where it starts to get creepy:
Whats sad is that you sheeple dont even know whats WONT see it coming...and when this economic system of ours thats been affirmative-actioned down the river and all the money runs out and all those people Osama-Bin-Barack promised all the hard working mans' money too...wont know what to do and the '94 LA riots will look like a grain of sand compared to the pile of crap this country will quickly become.
Oh, where to begin? Haskins fills this passage with some suggestive "race war' imagery -- references to the LA riots, affirmative action, cryptic pronouncements of "what's coming," etc. -- but never really explains what's on his mind. Does he think the current economic crisis is due to affirmative action, something that no economist anywhere believes? I would be an interesting theory to expound upon, I'm sure ...
And in the end it all comes down to race.
This is a moment of rare clarity from Haskins. This is actually the antithesis of the conclusion most Americans have reached over the last 50 years. I know it's hard being a white male in Brown County, where 91% of the population is white, but he certainly does appear to have some grievance against 9% who aren't.
All the so called minorities are mad because the european male has succeeded in this country and dominated as well. People call the fringe right-wingers crazy? Well, the mexicans openly discuss reclaiming their lands of the west coast/southwest.
This is the ridiculous Reconquista conspiracy ...
The silly natives have actually declared oklahoma, nebraska, the dakotas and more part of their own sovereign nation.
Um ... "silly natives"? Yeah, this guy isn't racists or anything ...
But when a white man encourages white flight (David Lane) to a certain part of the country he is tagged as no worse than Hitler.Now, in the age of affirmative action, you dont have to work your way up the chain of command; it is freely given to you based on skin color. And as the open ended oppression of the white male continues..and youre beginning to see examples of this every day, the general public will awaken. it might take 20 years..but they will awaken.
You ever listen to Messianic religious radio? You know how the phrase "with recent events" is designed to indicate that some kind of prophecy is in the process of being fulfilled. Well, cue the crazy in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... and:
With recent events such as the New Haven firefighters, denied job promotions because of color.....the Atlanta sheriff whos first move after claiming office was to remove all white officers from the force and replace them with black and latinos....and JB, how come no one says a word about the North Carolina State Professor calling for the extermination of whitey?
Because he's crazy and since there has not been any recent history of African-American sustained political/ideological/religious violence against white people, no one takes him seriously.
Do you whacky libs agree with this thought?
No. No one does, including black people, since there aren't any taking whomever this dude is seriously.
That is supremacy and totalitarianism in its purest form! But if a white man were to say that hed be worse off than hitler and lynch mobbed! Why was THAT not second story on the 9 o clock news instead of my little flyers? Hmmmmm...figure that one out!
I don't need to figure it out. I already know the answer. The reason you're lame publicity stunt made the news is because there is a long history on racially motivated violence against minorities in America and this country has made tremendous strides to end it. Our society has collectively agreed that when threats to that ultimate goal arise, people must speak out against it.

It was also a really slow news day, as I recall.
As for your hopes of my non profit falling will never happen. White people united can never be defeated. What i have planned in the works will unite every pro-white organization on the planet...and its not going to be called WEPC either. My ego will lead to its demise!?!?! laughable! My ego is totally in-check! What ego? Really? I have an ego!?!
"What i have planned in the works will unite every pro-white organization on the planet" ... Yeah, that doesn't sound threatening or anything.

Well, I guess we all need to have goals in life. Some work for wife, family, a nice house in the 'burbs, while others just want a week on an deserted island with the Norwegian women's national soccer team. Mike Haskins just wants to be the Cyrus of white folks everywhere:

Moving on...
Zach w says.."keep up the fight chief" I ask, Chief..what exactly are you fighting for? And dont dare say racism....pleASE. What you call racism is my reaction to hatred. My reaction to the discrimination. A gradual process that that has led to my current beliefs. When i hear black men openly engage in conversation about "knocking up" every "White hoe" on the planet so that one day there will "only be mulattoe babies" so "(we)" can go and "kill off da rest a da white folk", i am repulsed and i want to spread the word.
I don't know where he's hearing this and since he hasn't left a link to anything, I can only assume he's making it up. It's hearsay.
When i see street gangs recruiting white kids and teaching them to hate themselves (the "latin" kings do this, as well as the "gangsta disciples" (take white kids and turn them to the cause of the brown pride and black pride and into good little che guevara t-shirt wearin', fist, sickle and hammer yielding communist filth....i am repulsed. Ohhh..but we have to have EMPATHY toward the parasite gangbangers that flood our streets with drugs and turn your kids into dope addicts and sluts.....Anything else wouldnt be politically correct!
Lot of gang-bangers in Allouez, are there?

Here I think we have revelatory passage. Haskins is living in a world where street gangs occupy a disproportionate degree of power. Whether this is a reality of his living situation or the product of too many hours watching "OZ," Haskins really doesn't understand how the world works outside of the visceral dog-eat-dog law of the streets.

That's obviously not how it works. If Haskins is truly repulsed at gang activity, he has a legal and socially-accepted recourse: going to the cops. They're the professionals, you know, the guys who enforce the laws? What makes this passage all the more troubling is that it seems to expose the vigilante purpose of Haskins' social club, something that should worry local law enforcement.
Well thats enough for ya today....dont wanna give you too much entertainment at once! Its all fun and games to you sir, but on this end of the connection my will is strong and my cause at the top of my mind.
And here comes the coup d'grace:
We must secure the sxistence of our race and a future for our children.
(emphsis added)
Those are David Lane's 14 words -- the racist credo that is de rigueur throughout much of the white supremacist movement . We've talked about it before here. Here's a more thorough look.
I think this pretty much proves our point about Haskins.
Now read away, take my statements out of context and rearrange them to fit your needs on your page. Yours truly..your Number One Fan
It's always good to feel loved ... even by a guy with so much hate in his heart.


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Well I'm disappointed that I am not your number one fan anymore.

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Well, maybe if you started your own racist hate group we could make some room for you, Ron.

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