Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Are All Members of Americans for Prosperity Such Enormous Assholes?

I'm sure that by now you've gotten a chance to see the deplorable video of teabaggers taunting a man with Parkinson's disease. If not, here you go (the really vile stuff starts around 0:50):

I just want to point out what that odious fucker in the white dress shirt and tie who was flinging money was holding in his other hand: a placard that read "I AM AFP," presumably handed out by Americans for Prosperity, given that they "hosted" the rally.
I'm sure we'll start to hear "But that was just one guy!" or "I betcha the liberal media just edited out all the sketchy stuff the union thugs were up to!" or some other nonsense, but there are no excuses for what this motherfucker did and if this is the kind of fucknut that AFP attracts, then all of you people are sick.

MORE: Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, Fuck AFP.


Serious Stewie, part 1 said...

I'm not going to watch that video... I get the idea. But I wonder if you know what bullies these guys are. No that is NOT one guy. I'm sure there are people (probably many) who are caught up in this group because they are frustrated with Life and need some kind of format to work within.

Having seen TeaBag/AFP lit up close and personal I know there are phrases that people will resonate with. There were sentences that I thought "weird, that is what I would say" But then, context is everything.

But yes, these guys, too many of them are BULLIES. And they are not at all uncomfortable with using various pressure/coercion tactics to try to force ( I don't think that is too strong a word for things I have seen) to force people to join.
It's sick and scary. I think what I saw happening was probably illegal. But a lot of actually illegal stuff goes on in the world that is at a level where it can't be stopped, and any Noob who tries will only regret that in the most serious ways.

Again, I don't "blanket condemn" all people who are caught up in this. Things happen, human nature is odd and highly exploitable by people who understand that. The entire nation so Germany was NOT evil by nature. The Nazis gained power by manipulating certain aspects of human nature/instinct and then it was too late, everyone was in it up to their eyeballs.

If you think about how suggestible and lead-able the public is, it's scary. it was a short few years that brought the American Public from Yellow Ribbons on every car frenzy to the Obama Change Frenzy.

My H.S. kids were "admonished" for NOT wearing Red White and Blue clothes to school (as ordered by the administration) on the day the Iraq War began. (think about that shit once, holy crap)
And for so many years people who stood on the street with War Protest signs were flipped the bird and yelled at (you'd just have to get used to it, or stop coming). Then suddenly "OMG this war is immoral".

Well good for you, Rocket Scientists. Excuse me while I step outta the way of this big old Sheep Stampede. Assholes, you hear a scary noise and all run blind one direction, another noise and y'all are off going back the same way you came from, still blind and retarded.

So. People pumped up on rhetoric moving in groups - scary shit.
And in my humble old opinion, this group is showing some bad signs. And I get that from personal experience NOT the "media". I can only hope that people of influence who have brains in their heads are keeping eyes on the Teabaggers. But since People Of Influence tend to be taken up with what benefits their own crappy selves I don't have a lot of faith in that.

But yeah, creepy mutherfuckers these guys...

Serious Stewie, part 2 said...

p.s. re: the inherent evilness of all Germans which is of course common knowledge and I MUST be a Nazi-Jew-Hater blahblahblah ~

How many people know that right here in WI as the rest of the US, during WWI there were people of German ethnicity who had lived and worked here as any other American, but then suddenly had their rights taken away and had to carry ID cards on them at all times JUST LIKE THE JEWS did in Germany. I bet none. The cards were a formal declaration that person was an official alien enemy of the state. The post office didn't even have to deliver their mail a your legal rights were in the crapper. You lived in fear of what next.

I'm sure no one knows that, even now with the increased awareness of the Japanese internment camps that came later, there is still a lot that happens here that is very "Nazi-like" that goes un-discussed". But I have a copy of my Great-Grandfather's Alien Enemy ID card (Jefferson County WI). The guy was just a damn farmer.
I don't really feel like being accused of going all "Kevin Barrett" (well what would it matter really, I'm just an anonymous Troll here :P)
But anyway I know how life goes, and what far too many people are REALLY like when given a little power over others. Not that it takes genius to see that, all you have to do is pull yer head out yo ass and look. Most people don't wanna. So, here we go now with the Teabaggers.

Wiki it said...

Doubters can look it up -
*Espionage Act of 1917 and
*The Alien and Sedition Act 1918

It was also used abusively against early Union advocates and Labor too but I'm more sketchy on those situations.