Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can Someone Explain to Conservatives that Suicide is not Covered under Health Care Reform?

Says Joe Klein:
The Republican Party has to be very careful about where it's headed. After all, it was protesters shouting "baby killer" at U.S. troops in the 60s that helped put the Democratic Party in the American doghouse for 40 years.
Then there's this:
Mark Williams, the Sacramento-based chair of the Tea Party Express, and Eric Odom, chairman of Liberty First ... both dismissed the argument that incidents of racism, homophobia and vandalism threaten to tarnish the movement. Williams said charges that Tea Party protesters hurled epithets at Democrats like John Lewis and Barney Frank were unproven, then suggested it wasn't beyond the realm of possibility that lefty infiltrator seeking to sully the Tea Partyers had been the real culprit.
That argument strains credulity. No one's going to buy the agents provocateur theory. In fact, I sure that most people feel insulted by the mere suggestion.

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