Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Very Definition of Agony

Don't ask us how we ended up on the Green Party's Wikipedia page, but we did and found this astonishing piece of trivia:
A convention was held at UCLA in Los Angeles on August 20, 1996 where each state party who placed Nader on the ballot told their story, followed by a two hour and twenty minute acceptance speech by Nader that was broadcast on C-SPAN and Pacifica Radio - the first time Greens in the U.S. had that kind of national exposure.
Two hours and twenty minutes! That's not an acceptance speech, that's a suicide drill.


Die Grünen Stewie said...

Hey! Lol, you know (maybe you know - if you read my crap) I said I had this really long penpal thing going with a German? okay well he was an intensely political Type (surprise) and he's retired military 53 yrs old. Entered the military after HS because of the tensions w/ Berlin wall etc. Okay so in the early years of Die Grünen over there he was an intense anti-nuke guy (still is) and s o got in with the early Greens - Herbert Gruhl (who later went right) etc.
Stayed with the Greens among other activities for years until they drove him bat-shit nuts with their bullshit. Friggin' hates Joschka Fischer (Green Party Bundestag member in the 80s I think)

So if he's pals with Stewie you know he has a strong streak of Freak in him, and that disillusionment then led him to start both serious and mock "alternate" parties (in Germany they have political parties up the ass) So even though Stewie realizes everything "he" heard was thru the personal opinions filter of one (crazy bastard) guy - it was damn fascinating. Stewie learned a lot of stuff.

Main Point --> it was in this 2 years of chats that Stewie turned 100% anti-Green for the US. Europe is different, doesn't matter there. And it wasn't at all like something my friend said, he is remarkably unaware of how things really are here, and made numerous assumptions of shared experiences that were NOT at all alike. Life in Europe is yeah, a lot different in a lot of small ways. But it was WHILE we wee chatting about stuff, it all kinda made sense one day, and wallah! Stewie has an epiphany. Imagine how messy THAT was O_o

Die Greens! Stewie said...

SECOND Point(and this stuff about the ONW is sooo pathetic)
This was awesome stuff, this info and POV from my German pal. Holy crap - Stewie wanted to share with the world. Stewie set out "feelers' over at the ONW to see what would happen if "he" wrote articles on this and posted them over FOR FREE of course but is was good stuff. Stewie imagined a few people might find it interesting.

But hells bells, Stewie was back-burnered over there time after time. Just buried. Retard articles about some lady painting her hallway and talking to her cat (yeah Lady I'm talkin' to you, that was boring crap, and those were actual Front-Page topics Good Gawd!!!)So she and her ilk made it to the front page ALL the time. etc etc.
STEWIE NEVER GOT THERE, ever. Stewie asked a ONW "person" about this, well nothing changed. Stewie started another account (in case the fist one had some kinda "semi-ban" status on it)Same deal. And that's bullshit. Lol I was trying to work for FREE. Whats' the world coming to anyway.
So it all stays in Stewie's head. Fuck it. That would have been a LOT of work to write all that up in a decent format. But you know...well whatever

hey I just realized Stewie is the most censored story of that year. WTF I don't even make the Censored Story list, that's how censored I am.
Boooo freakin' Hooooo, right?

So the ULTIMATE ANSWER to the world-renowned Query "Why do the Greens SUCK?" dies with The Stew-meister. THIS Stewie, not the OWN one. I tried to be open-minded about him (stew R.) but in some ways he still don't know his Ass from Page 8.

Final Thought: Yup, the US Greens are a damn waste of time. Any "well-meaning person" who is dedicating their life to promoting them (I feel sorry for that Madison woman they used up so badly a few years ago) anyone like that will just be pissin' in to the wind. They can work and work to wedge the Greens into some kind of elected "representative" positions and then if they DO ever gain any clout - the early workers will be looking at a party that is not what they thought it was gonna be. Not at all. History is absolutely guaranteed to repeat itself in this situation. and think of all the waste and bother while that all happens. Oh yeah.

omg - sorry Teh Stewie hasn't time to check for typos etc, but they'll only support the image that I'm a ravin lunatic so, let 'em stay I guess.
Yee ha!
(oh yeah - and Rock On Green-Tards!)