Monday, March 22, 2010

Teabaggers vs. Immigration Reform

Marc Ambinder:
Democrats assume that the immigration debate will open the curtain on the Tea Party movement; health care will be child's play compared to the tantrums over the prospect of earned legalization and other measures. The overlap between the Tea Partiers and ethnocentric immigration restrictionists is huge, and even many Republicans worry that the embedded nativism in the movement, whether or not it is also racialized (as a proxy for being against Obama and his ilk) will come to the fore in a way that once again diminishes the fervor of right-leaning independents and energizes Hispanics.

But forget immigration even: the next two big presidential initiatives, domestically, at least, will be -- or should be -- easy political victories: reauthorizing but reforming the education law, and financial services reform.


Brittanicus said...

Its hardly not surprising that people don't realize the ramifications of another AMNESTY? Even if it was true that their were only 11 million illegal immigrants in this nation? (The true number is somewhere between 20 and 30 million) The catch 22 is that once granted Amnesty and those legitimized they can then sponsor immediate family members. Since 1965, between 50 and 70 percent of U.S. immigrant visas distributed yearly have been allotted to close family members of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents.One of the reasons is chain migration. In chain migration, one immigrant sponsors several other immigrants for admission, who then sponsor several others themselves,multiply, duplicating and and on. Chain migration happens because present U.S. immigration policy is based on the principle of broadly defined family reunification; immigrants are able to sponsor their relatives back home to be admitted as immigrants here. The illegal aliens given amnesty by Congress in 1986 (The Simpson-Mazzoli Bill) are now fueling naturalization in huge record numbers. (Americas population is around 315 million)

If AMNESTY is forced through in 2010 former illegal aliens become citizens, all of their immediate relatives qualify to depart immediately to the United States, and start new migration chains of their own. The U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform (USCIR) studied the issue of chain migration and proposed limiting family-sponsored immigration to only the spouse and minor children of a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident (LPR) and the parents of a U.S. citizen (AS LONG AS THEY ARE SUPPORTED BY A SPONSOR. So even if it was true there were only 11 million illegal aliens in the country, they majority could sponsor close family members. But the truth is, once here the sponsorship is ignored) and millions of family members have to rely on welfare to exist? Older family members, the sick, disabled who have never paid into Social Security, can receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Just multiply the numbers of new immigrants that can be sponsored. Somewhere around 60 to 70 million new faces, that taxpayers in most cases will eventually have to support? This is just another incredulous financial impact, that taxpayers will have to pay for?.DIMINISHING RESOURCES, CROWDED HIGHWAYS, FAILING INFRASTRUCTURE, OVERPOPULATION GROWTH are just part of our immediate future. Learn more about these issues that taxpayers will have to contend with at NUMBERSUSA.Dot.Com

Brittanicus said...

An Amnesty for illegal immigrants, will do several things that will cost a trillion dollars more for American taxpayers.
1. The illegal immigration rush to the border will never be stopped.
2. Millions more will be ready to run the US Border Patrol gauntlet, before the final act is signed.
3. It means literary-FAMILY UNIFICATION-, so those already here will be able to bring in their immediate family members. That means a rough calculation 3 extra people, (Just a minimum number) could mean another 100 million people, adding to at the least 20 to 30 million already settled here.
4. People will be waiting expectantly for a third AMNESTY.
5. Millions more pregnant females from all across the world, will try and sneak into America before the baby is born. This means that the whole family can move in, which is extra people to the welfare lines.
6. The Border states already overrun with illegal immigrants, wont have to wait for another earthquake? California will be sinking under the behemoth volume of foreign nationals pouring into the financially floundering state. Therefore it will become a third world cesspool.
7. The highways will become deathtraps--not that they are not already?
8. Our depreciating infrastructure will decline even more, as there will be even less money to pay for it.
9. Welfare rolls will soar to a unsustainable heights.
10. E-Verify, 287 G, Ice Raids, No Match Letter (Real ID Act & Save Act) would become obsolete.
11. Spanish will become the predominant language in border states.
12. Violence will erupt on a massive scale across the country, that could lead to unrest and riots.
13 Could even lead to a Second Civil War?
14. The only way to justify another AMNESTY is a nationwide referendum. LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE.