Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Well, Lookie Here ...

Feingold +3 ...


Stewie In Love said...

Chief O_O

"clutch desperately at an idealized vision of 1980s Reagan America like Golem to his precious"


"Robinson actually sounds like he's traded in the "shining city on a hill" for Mad Max's post-apocalyptic hellscape"

You seem to be writing these days as if you have your Manhood firmly grasped in one hand, and your keyboard in the other. Of course that means I have no idea what you're typing with, but it all seems to be workin' for ya. Yeah Baby!

...and bonus points for the nerdy LOTR ref.
Hey, do you do Naruto too?

Jb said...

I firmly grasp my manhood at all times, in case anyone was curious.