Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mike Haskins is an Anti-Semite

No surprise here.

One of the videos he's pushing on the wall of his White Ethnic Preservation Coalition is blaming the genocide of white people in Europe on the Zionist controlled media.
If you have the stomach, here's a link to the video described as "The Genocide of White People" on Haskins' Facebook page above. It's exactly the same kind of stunt this Haskins' kid is trying to pull -- antisemitism and racism masquerading as free speech. It blames the sex-trafficking industry on "Zionists" and calls Israel the biggest importer of sex slaves in the world.

Again, Jerry Bader calls this prick a "white supremacist" -- scare quotes included, which suggests that he's being improperly marginalized by the dreaded "mainstream media." Haskins is not the victim here. He's a racist, an anti-Semite and a white supremacist and there's no defending him.


Preussen said...

mm'kay I watched it (and I wasn't shocked at all, sorry. IMO it was shit video more in danger of putting people to sleep than suddenly converting them)

I'm unclear as to this guy's connections/concerns with Europe. and what relevance that all has to his local audience? It's an odd marketing strategy. I doubt a lot of east-coast of Wisconin folks lay awake night worrying over the fate of Europe. Perhaps the distance is actually a boon in that we'll have no way to place the "facts" he presents in any kind of context, since not caring about Europe is the norm here? dunno.
What I found interesting/curious was that his rants name Jews as the ethnic group that is diluting Europe when I am much more familiar with that rant currently being made against Muslims which (I am told) are flooding Old Europe like a Chilean tsunami.

In France it's the Muslim ghettos, in Germany it is the Turks etc etc . It's my impression that a fair number of Europeans might say similar things behind closed doors (but against MUSLIMS) and that many are not thrilled with the Euro, or the (perceived) homogenizing effects of the EU, or the general day-to-day cultural clashes (like the Danish newspaper thing, and ESPECIALLY the Headscarves in Schools issues, or officials turning a blind eye to women's rights abuses when sanctioned by religious doctrine etc).
I have personally chatted regularly for over a year with a person who laments "European cultural dilution" in a similar manner, but who is also openly pro-Zionist/anti-Muslim. But I guess if you want to hate on an ethnic group all are up for grabs and consistency is not a requirement. Perhaps if these two gentlemen met they could just fight it out - forever locked in mortal combat like Good Kirk and bad Kirk

I didn't see anything here on the origins/status/power-level of this Mike Haskins, or why we should think he's anything other than some pathetic attention-whore flash-in-the-pan who is twisting world events to fit his own delusions and is unlikely to have the intelligence or charisma to hold anything together for more than a few months. ??? or why he is getting all this attention? Theoretically he will run out of flyers, money, time, and energy. And, whoever is in his support network will get sick of his ego and his bullshit. They'll start in-fighting and it will all be over.
Or, he'll be elected the next President of the United States. Either way, I think I'll go listen to Die Fahne Hoch now, it's been a while.

Anonymous said...

It seems the NEW journalist of the decade has decided to pull the communique off of WTAQ's website. Curious.

Jb said...

We noticed that, 3:22.

It looks like the entire blog is down for the moment, so we can't say for sure if it's related to Haskins' email.

Needless to say, we'll be keeping an eye on it when it comes back online.

Anonymous said...

Mike Haskins is a racist, a bully, and a jokoe.