Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Now Here's Something that Would Never Happen in Oshkosh...

Never. Ever ever never ever never ever ever never never never:
Two Wausau residents running for separate seats on the Wausau City Council have statements in their campaign literature that are identical to each other, putting into question whether the two are working together or being led by someone else.


The literature designs are different for Kaiser and Van Ryn, but that's where the differences stop. Both Kaiser and Van Ryn's campaign literature carry the same "I Pledge" statement, which reads "... I will diligently search out any and all ways to reduce spending so our taxes are the lowest they can possibly be. I will do what is financially in the best interest of you, the taxpayers, every time."

The last sentence is underlined in both literature pieces.

[via Jim Rosenberg]


Anonymous said...

Oh now THAT'S irony
At the exact time I'm typing out a rant supporting YOUR anonymity, YOU are butt-fuckin' mine. Lol ya bastard.

Kind of a good thing I don't really care, Innit? XDDDDD

CJ said...

Uh..no. No plagarism. phht. right.

Anonymous said...

Hard to take someone very seriously when they can't use something other than gutter language.