Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mike Haskins is Our Number One Fan

This is going to be fun. Mike Haskins left us a love letter that we feel like we should pass along:
Going the legal route is the only way to go. I am not going to snap out and break to your childish comment on this parasitic page! Why do such a thing when i can just bankrupt you and your causes?
I guess this means Haskins still wants to sue us.
Well, the Southern Poverty Law Center certainly does a good job at attempting to do so!
Do what? Bankrupt the causes of those they oppose? Like the KKK?
It think its time the roles be reversed! Perhaps i should start a group titled Northern Working Class Law Center and advocate for those of us who dont feel the world owes us anything and that dont feel thatwe're somehow a victim of someone elses' thought crimes.
I don't think he really understands what's going on here. Haskins decided to publicly promote his racist beliefs and we called him out. The end. We haven't said he should be shut up or locked up for anything. We simply have argued that he's a racist masquerading his vile hatred in the form of a bullshit Facebook group and that anyone who buys into this charade is abetting and legitimizing him.
Call me what you want...who really cares at the end of the day?
Evidently, Haskins does.
But call pride pride and supremacy supremacy.
We are. What Haskins is calling pride is actually supremacy -- that's our argument.
i do not see myself as any better than the black man next door who listens to the black supremacist rantings of Tupac, Nas and Snoop Dogg (all members of the BLACK SEPARATIST NATION OF ISLAM) .
This coming from a person whose avowed hero is a domestic terrorist?
I do openly encourage people of all creed, color and heritage to be VERY proud of the accomplishments of their people.
Sure you do ...
The reactions from this guy who calls himself Chief (at least i put my name on things, unlike THIS coward) are childish.
We feel your pain ... really, we do.
Give it up SPLC wanna be. I could care less what you and your liberal whacko cronies think of me. All i have to say is..if you dont like it? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT
We are. We're doing exactly what what people in civil society do: we're arguing that Haskins is full of shit. Our readers can take that argument or leave it.
Ha...Chief..the Chief of thought Police lol
It's never good to laugh at your own jokes, especially when your jokes are so lame.
in the future, reply as your identity, not anonymous. Cowards hide behind masks
And here is where Haskins is deluding himself. He calls us cowardly for blogging anonymously, but at the end of the day he's guilty of the exact same thing. Haskins' White Ethnic Preservation Coalition is a mask that he needs to wear in public to promote his racist ideology under the guise of "cultural preservation." We know what having pride in one's ancestry looks like. It looks like this, this, this and this. Oddly enough, if we we looked under the mask of the WEPC we'd probably just find another mask:


Stewie Uber Alles said...

Wow more drama goin' on here than I was aware of.
But this post has SUCH bad news for me (and it's all about me), But FINALLY i can say I'm shocked. Can this be TRUE omg!!!

you said
"It's never good to laugh at your own jokes, especially when your jokes are so lame."
Craaaap! then I am so screwed.

So anyway..obviously he can't sue ya, and I guess you really got him upset huh? so - enjoy.
Lol Now he's your little Oi Oi Oi Skinhead Boy XDDD

Zach W. said...

Keep up the fight, Chief!

Mike Haskins said...

Glad to keep you busy there chief! "Keep them talkin about ya"..thats exactly what im doing. This is not the first and definitely not the last time ive been called a nazi, a klan member, a racist, an antisemite, amongst other things, so keep shootin! I AM your #1 fan! No one else navigates this page LMAO! David Lane was no domestic terrorist was those within his organization who were allegedly doing the dirty deeds. Lane was found not guilty on all charges yet the federal authorities rounded him up anyways under bogus rico statutes and gave him life ontop of life. Sorry if I admire the philosophy of a person who cared deeply about the future of his kind...what an awful thing to do these days in our politically correct insanity-society! :0 Whats sad is that you sheeple dont even know whats WONT see it coming...and when this economic system of ours thats been affirmative-actioned down the river and all the money runs out and all those people Osama-Bin-Barack promised all the hard working mans' money too...wont know what to do and the '94 LA riots will look like a grain of sand compared to the pile of crap this country will quickly become. And in the end it all comes down to race. All the so called minorities are mad because the european male has succeeded in this country and dominated as well. People call the fringe right-wingers crazy? Well, the mexicans openly discuss reclaiming their lands of the west coast/southwest. The silly natives have actually declared oklahoma, nebraska, the dakotas and more part of their own sovereign nation. But when a white man encourages white flight (David Lane) to a certain part of the country he is tagged as no worse than Hitler.Now, in the age of affirmative action, you dont have to work your way up the chain of command; it is freely given to you based on skin color. And as the open ended oppression of the white male continues..and youre beginning to see examples of this every day, the general public will awaken. it might take 20 years..but they will awaken. With recent events such as the New Haven firefighters, denied job promotions because of color.....the Atlanta sheriff whos first move after claiming office was to remove all white officers from the force and replace them with black and latinos....and JB, how come no one says a word about the North Carolina State Professor calling for the extermination of whitey? Do you whacky libs agree with this thought? That is supremacy and totalitarianism in its purest form! But if a white man were to say that hed be worse off than hitler and lynch mobbed! Why was THAT not second story on the 9 o clock news instead of my little flyers? Hmmmmm...figure that one out!

As for your hopes of my non profit falling will never happen. White people united can never be defeated. What i have planned in the works will unite every pro-white organization on the planet...and its not going to be called WEPC either. My ego will lead to its demise!?!?! laughable! My ego is totally in-check! What ego? Really? I have an ego!?!

Mike Haskins said...

Zach w says.."keep up the fight chief" I ask, Chief..what exactly are you fighting for? And dont dare say racism....pleASE. What you call racism is my reaction to hatred. My reaction to the discrimination. A gradual process that that has led to my current beliefs. When i hear black men openly engage in conversation about "knocking up" every "White hoe" on the planet so that one day there will "only be mulattoe babies" so "(we)" can go and "kill off da rest a da white folk", i am repulsed and i want to spread the word. When i see street gangs recruiting white kids and teaching them to hate themselves (the "latin" kings do this, as well as the "gangsta disciples" (take white kids and turn them to the cause of the brown pride and black pride and into good little che guevara t-shirt wearin', fist, sickle and hammer yielding communist filth....i am repulsed. Ohhh..but we have to have EMPATHY toward the parasite gangbangers that flood our streets with drugs and turn your kids into dope addicts and sluts.....Anything else wouldnt be politically correct!

Well thats enough for ya today....dont wanna give you too much entertainment at once! Its all fun and games to you sir, but on this end of the connection my will is strong and my cause at the top of my mind. We must secure the sxistence of our race and a future for our children. Now read away, take my statements out of context and rearrange them to fit your needs on your page.

Yours truly..your Number One Fan

Zach W. said...

Odd....I'm a white guy, and I don't feel oppressed.

Jb said...

What? No threats of a lawsuit?

Weak, dude ... very weak.