Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Great Moments in Charter School Education

From Slate:
A Philadelphia elementary school has come under scrutiny for its unusual setup: By day it services kindergarten through eighth graders by housing the Harambee charter school, and by night it services a (hopefully) older crowd by hosting the Damani nightclub, an after-hours club situated in the school's cafeteria. As a charter school, Harambee isn't subject to the same rules as public schools, but district officials are understandably upset about the arrangement. "A school and a nightclub cannot coexist in the same space and (the arrangement) must cease immediately," Superintendent Arlene Ackerman wrote in a letter on Monday. While the building used to be the site of an old Italian-American social club, officials say that Damani's liquor license expired two years ago and that it's been serving drinks illegally. While city officials didn't comment on the situation with the school, the club has less than two weeks to renew the license before building inspectors shut it down.


CJ said...

A school and a nightclub in the same building? Well, that's unheard of. ...uh....oh....never mind, huh.

Jb said...


Maybe I should have titled this post "This would never happen in Oshkosh..."