Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Robert De Niro will be Vince Lombardi

Awesome casting decision.


Stewie the NPC said...


the "polishing their balls" thing
that's pretty Lol Chiefy I hope ya missed me

hopefully you'll do it again (yes I mean polish your balls)

okay Hun here's one for ya. Weirdly synchronous seeing I wasn't at all even "hunting" for this (anti-semitism, as if I Google for that O_o)
Anyway, I just ran across this WEIRD web forum while Googling for arcane informational tidbits re: my naughty gaming obsession (cheat codes - luv 'em!!!)

So check this page out (link at bottom)
It SEEMS like it's gotta be a joke but then I guess not, it seems like this is a real church...and that's a REAL Pastor. Friggin' psycho.
Be sure to scan to the bottom of the comments below the crazy-ass rant about Sims and fornicating in the game, scroll down to the part where the pastor, the man of god, and the embodiment of christian love says about a dissenter (who is now banned for SARCASM USE omg!!!)

Pastor: "Is he a friend of yours? Some queer rock and roller maybe? Sounds like a damned joo."

Yep - a damned JOO. That was the pastor of the Landover Baptist Church. Not going leaflet-ing outside the grounds of St. Norbert's but talking to his "flock" in his role as Minister. So, what are ya gonna do? Guys like this - all over.

BTW the best part about this was I was Googling the name of an NPC in the game that annoys me and I wanted to see what game forum comments might show up re: that game character (even though he is very minor in the extreme)
But guess what the chara's name is???

Christian Love.

Baby you can't make this shit up. So yeah, I was Googling "Christian Love Sims 2" and ran across Pastor Joo Hater.
Oh and one more Lol -
Please note that Pastor Hater's forum sig is "Putting the stud back in Bible study"
Holy crap. Did I say you can't make this shit up? yep I believe I did


p.s. I suppose the Church people would be further outraged to know there is another NPC in the game named...Calista Fuchs. Well I gotta get back to fornicating, see ya.

p.p.s. Hey Jef-y :P

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