Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar Live Chat !!! (7:00 PM)

Hash tag = #ocat will get your Twitter feeds added to the mess.

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LOLwhut said...


dude, yer chat. someone took it.

srsly if that was all there was, then the council needs to make up for it. We'll need to see Palmeri in sequins in a Wonderbra bra, Buchholz in anything other than what he would normally choose for himself.
and Since the trailer for that Streep-Baldwin-Martin RomCom Vomitfest showed Baldwin naked in bed with Streep, then it's only fitting that Da Mayor show up to the meeting in the all-together. Really I've decided I want to see that. Yep, now that I've seen old Alec barechested I can withstand anything.
Even when he was young his chest looked like roadkill

McHugh can wear anything at all as long as he's got a thinking cap on (borrow one if necessary). And Poeschel should wear EXACTLY whatever Palmeri wears, but with a nice modest sweater over the top of it. w00t!

Anyway, sorry I couldn't make your shindig baby (even if you're noticeably less sorry)
It was a nice idea.