Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Coming Hypocrisy

Ezra Klein (via M):
In about 12 hours, the GOP's position has gone from ‘repeal this socialist monstrosity that will destroy our final freedoms’ to ‘there are some things we don't like about this legislation and would like to repeal, and there are some things we support and would like to keep.. . . At this rate, they'll be running on expanding the bill come November.”
That backtracking is already starting to happen:

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has long been a vocal critic of the Democrat's health reform efforts, but today he started taking credit for some provisions of the bill, and talking up his own role in crafting the legislation.

In a release sent out by his staff to reporters today, Grassley says the bill will "hold tax-exempt hospitals accountable for the federal tax benefits they receive" thanks to his work.

We noted this before, but the GOP abandoned any claim to the benefits of this bill a while ago. That, of course, isn't going to stop the most craven of GOP electeds from shamelessly looking to score some cheap points, but it's only going to get more ridiculous.

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