Friday, May 29, 2009

Life Imitates Art

Or rather, South Park imitates Oshkosh city council meetings.


MacinOsh said...

That was funny. Good find. What did that kid in the green hat say?

random n00b said...

I never got into the South Park thing myself. It seemed every time I caught a quick minute iof it - well, it was just gross. Like House, I always happen to pass thru the room while someone is slicing thru guts or drinbbling feces out of theri mouth. So I had to research a bit to understand.

It's kinda long story but, the manipulative bastard (Cartman) leading the crowd is not really a redhead "ginger". His hair was dyed by the kid in the green hat and others to teach him a lesson/let him see how it feels. because Cartman had been targeting/abusing redheads, and encouraging oterhs to do so.

So when Cartman wakes up as a Ginger, he flip-flops and then organizes Ginger seperatist movements, and preaches death to non-Gingers
The green hat kid whispers to him that he is actually not a Ginger but and that it was all a trick.
So Cartman shits himself and etc. So basically the point as I see it is that Cartman is a ype who is incapable of just "being" has to have a band of followers/minions. And that he does whatever the F is in his best interest at the moment, spewing this philospohy or that, and leads his minions willy-nilly down the merry path. SDo then it's not really about the issue, it's all about Cartman. And kicking the snot out of/jerking people for the Power High.
But like I said, I dunno South park. Just a randomN00b's possible analysis.
FunnY? I guess.
Depressing? fer sure dude, fer sure.

MacinOsh said...

Thanks nOOb. I catch SP on rare occasions. This clip was funny to me because as Chief said it mirrored this negative quorum situation pretty closely. A lot of their stuff is gross and vulgar but sometimes they do shed some light on truth. Like how easy it is for people to be manipulated by fear or other emotions. That is depressing. Cartman is kind of like Rove, no?

CJ said...

..but what did the kid in the green hat say to you?...

Funny Stuff

random n00b said...

Hey Chiefy-baby, c'mon over and drop some pearls of wisdom about my little query. Be anonymous if you wanna.
or not,