Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More Totally Kick Ass Spitzer-related Headlines

Is there no end in sight?

Eliot Spitzer: Screwed
Eliot Spitzer's Going Down
Head of Empire State Gets Head at Emporers Club


Clinton Yanks Spitzer Endorsement Faster Than a Hooker Yanks ... Well, You Get It

If it's simplicity you're looking for, than look no further:

Another Ridiculous Sex Scandal

Of course the gold standard in absurd headlines will come from the New York Post, for which we here at the Chief wait with bated breath.

MORE: It's not quite the NY Post cover, but it's just as illuminating:

How Do These Shits Get Their Wives To Come To The "I Am A Shit" Press Conference Anyway, And Other Marvels

MORE STILL: Gawker's got a trifecta of NYC tabloid covers for us over here in the fly-over states:
EVEN MORE: They just don't stop ...

MORE YET: It took roughly 24 hours for this story to get meta: Over 100 Spitzerfuckgate Headlines Analyzed.

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