Friday, March 14, 2008

Wake Us When the Primary's Over

This is interesting:

Kratz said he has tremendous respect for Petri but business and Republican leaders approached him saying it's time for a change.

Republican leaders?

It's not a secret that there are Wisconsin Republicans who don't particularly care for Tom Petri -- in fact, the level of disdain against Petri is typically reciprocal to how unhinged they are ... calling him a "RepublicRAT," for example, seems to be about on par with calling him "poopy pants" and the like. Few Republicans 'round these parts get called a RINO more often (especially from people who don't live in the 6th CD), so it's perhaps no surprise that some in the GOP leadership have a hankering for a more conservative member of Congress.

I don't know if that conservative is Kratz. He doesn't seem to think that he is:
"I think Congressman Petri and my differences are far less ideological and far more about personality or about energy or about the way to represent the 6th District," Kratz said.

So there you go.

I love the way the Petri spokesman reacts:

We spoke with Congressman Petri's office about Kratz's run for office, and a spokesman told us, "It's a free country." He also told us Petri will seek another term.

(Pictured above: a spokesman for Rep. Tom Petri responds to press inquiries regarding a possible primary challenge later this year.)

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