Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My, What a Big Tent You Have ...

With friends like these ...

Given the graciousness of the above GOP shills it's little wonder that Carol Roessler's departure from the Senate is occurring in a manner that leaves the party behind the eight ball. I'm sure she's no stranger to that kind of criticism from her "colleagues" and I like to think that she just got fed up and said "Fine, you run for office. I'll take my Rolodex to the first lobbying shop that offers me a corner office."

Is that how it went down? Probably not, but she did her party no favors in making the announcement this late. Quick: name a solid GOP candidate from Winnebago or Fond du Lac counties that can replace her? I'm sure there are a few out there, but the competition has had a considerable head start now and the Republicans will have to play a little catch up -- especially when it comes to raising money.

I imagine what will happen in the coming weeks will look an awful lot like what is happening in the 53rd Assembly district. Right now there are three people running for the GOP nomination (I'm actually kind of curious to see if any of these folks decide to forgo the Assembly seat and take a shot at the bigger enchilada). I think there will be a similar handful that tests the waters unless the Republicans can quickly settle on a recruited candidate and essentially shut out their primaries to everyone else save the clueless and the crazy.

Personally, I'd like to see someone run who makes Tom Reynolds look like a filthy hippie. That would probably be the most entertaining thing ever.

Anyway, congratulations to all the RINO hunters out there -- you managed to push one off the wildlife reserve. Now you're screwed. Keep up the great work!

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