Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Subtle, Very Subtle ...

From the Dept. of Not Shitting Where One Eats:

In an obvious bid for the Ron Paul media conspiracy vote, Sen. Hillary Clinton's Democratic presidential campaign dumped the traveling press corps exactly where many voters believe they belong today -- in the men's room of the Burger Activity Center.

Toby Harnden adds a little more color to the experience:

On Monday afternoon our “filing centre” in Austin, Texas turned out to be a high school locker room, complete with urinals and authentic odours. We were in there for five hours and it also served as a television room and restaurant – on the other side of the room were stacked our boxed meals and packets of beef jerky.

Does the Clinton campaign views our work as toilet journalism?

Cue lots of schoolboy jokes about Larry Craig, wide stances, toilet journalism, yellow journalism, stall tactics, too many leaks and a campaign not flush with success. Clinton spokesman Doug Hattaway insisted it was not a comment on the quality of our journalism.

That's right -- the move wasn't a sly comment on the media's handling of the Clinton campaign, it was a nod to Marcel Duchamp ...

The Clinton camp has now officially begun the Dada stage of its operation.

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