Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When Did the United States Liberate Russia?

silent E really likes cluttering up his sidebar with pieces of flair and has a new one he just has to share with the rest of the world here, one which begs the question: when did the United States liberate Russia?

Show me the Russian historian who takes this line of argument seriously.


Silent E said...

Liberals may find this hard to take, but some view the fall of the Soviet Union, which Russia was a part of, a liberation for Russia. This was a direct result of the end of the cold war. Not to mention the little conflict called WWII. If the US hadn't entered the European front, England and Europe would have fallen easily. Do you think Russia would've been able to hold off the advancement of the Germans by themselves?

BTW. I'm sure the family of Cpl. Matthew Zindars, the Soldiers serving that I honor and the Veterans that I honor on my sidebar appreciate the "litter with flair" comment.....

Jb said...

No, you're not going to get away that easy.

The same could be said of the U.S. losing in the west if they hadn't had any help in the East from Russia.

There are tons of French historians -- just about all of them, in fact -- that agree that France was liberated by the U.S. during WWII, but I asked you to show me a Russian historian, who would say the same thing about his own country.

Give me a name. cite a work. Don't theorize on your own.

Silent E said...

WWII was on their continent, not ours. your logic is flawed... The banner speaks of the US and doesn't ask for input from foreign sources. Ask someone who lived there at the time of the fall of the iron curtain and before. I know you liberals don't like to hear the fact that communism doesn't work but that's something you'll have to live with.

I posted the banner and you asked a question to which I provided an answer that you didn't like. YOU asked the question without siting facts to back something you seem to believe. All I need is 1 former or current citizen there to back up my statement... Not an historian.