Thursday, March 13, 2008

Petri's (Future) Enforcer

The Sheboygan Press ran an article on Tyler Vorpagel, a recent college grad who landed a gig on Rep. Tom Petri's staff. Being new to the business means Mr. Vorpagel's duties are a bit limited at the moment:

As a staff assistant to Petri, Vorpagel is the "point of contact," or first voice people hear when they call the office or stop in for help or answers to questions. He also represents Petri at legislative updates throughout the district and accompanies Petri when he travels around the district to meet with constituents.

If you work for a congressman you get to be a "point of contact." Work for anyone else and they call you a receptionist.

Tyler looks like a bright kid, though. We're confident he'll move up the ladder quickly. Pretty soon he'll get that promotion to "bag man" and so forth until that one proud day when Vorpagel finds himself shaking down donors for contributions in some smoke-filled tavern in Red Granite or even cleaning up dead hooker guts in a Nevada brothel.

Of course, we wish the young lad all the best.

(Pictured above: Rep. Tom Petri, left, and the body of Tyler Vorpagel, who recently gave the Congressman his immortal soul in exchange for a period of undetermined service and access to money, women and power.)

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