Monday, March 17, 2008

While We're All Admitting Mistakes ...

I may as well come clean with one of my own: In December I said it was a good idea that the New York Times was bringing on William Kristol to their editorial page. That has obviously not turned out to be the case.

Kristol has been been guilty of not only printing embarrassing factual errors, but of speaking upon that which he knows little and poor writing and he hasn't even been at the paper three months yet -- only 11 columns thus far.

The fact-checking point, however, should strike most readers as particularly offensive. This is the most basic function of journalism, even opinion journalism. It reeks of a laziness, professional and intellectual, that would in some cases cost journalists at lesser paper their jobs.

So far this partnership has been nothing but awful for the Times. My bad.

[Unfortunately, I can't remember where I picked up the graphic above, but isn't it pretty dope?]

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