Thursday, March 20, 2008

The MySpace: Getting to Know Your Neighbors

We here at The Chief have a few recurring features that we like run with from time to time, like Headlines of the Damned and Dirty Trick of the Day. We were wondering how we could expand our stable of features when it occurred to us that most of the online activity that happens in this city doesn't take place on blogs, but rather on social networking sites like MySpace or FaceBook. So we took a field trip on over to said networking sites to see what we're missing.

Apparently we've been missing quite a bit.

To remedy this we're going to be bringing you the highlights of our investigations into the local social networking scene because there are plenty of people in this city who are in dire need of a lesson on the virtue of keeping some information private ... and/or good old fashioned ridicule ... and in some cases institutionalization, but we'll leave it up to the reader to decide for his or her self.

Anyway, we're also amendable to changing the name of this segment. Right now we're going to just run with "The MySpace," because we're old and feel the necessity to throw a definitive article in front of every new phenomenon that escapes our comprehension. If you've got something better, drop us a line. We should be starting shortly.

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