Sunday, March 16, 2008

Knuckle-Dragging Northwoods Blogger Compares Obama to Hitler to Demonstrate His is a Well-reasoned Opinion

Prior to the quote below Jesse Seymour's post on his views of liberalism was just a masturbatory rehash of various conservative talking points that have been en vogue among extreme right-wingers over the years, but then he comes out with this doosy:

I believe that liberals will say anything to get a vote. Barrack Hussein Obama has said over and over again that he wants transparency in government, but still has not revealed the recipients of pork projects that he appropriate funds for in 2005 and 2006. Obama keeps saying that he wants change but he will not say what the change is.

In 1942 [Editor note: I misquoted the year here. The year I had intended to quote was 1933] Germany had a major change in government. We all know how that story ended.

Yeah, because earmark disclosure and genocide are intimately related ...

If Seymour's going to trot out an utterly ridiculous argument such as the one above then he should stick to blogging at the open mic night at his local coffee house. There's no place for this asinine bullshit. Come back when you have a serious contribution to make to the discussion. This is embarrassingly lazy at best and patently offensive all the way around.

If this is indicative of Seymour's opinion on other topics then may I recommend that readers find less mind-numbing ways to spend their time, like drinking heavily or slamming one's head continuously into a brick wall. I know small children with more advanced capacities for logic than this monstrosity.


Sam Sarver said...

As I noted on the illusory one's blog, I'm surprised the Obama-Hitler connection wasn't first made by Bill O'Reilly, given the Loofah man's proven defeat at the hands of Godwin's Law.

Nice blog you got here. I'll be linking to you now.

Jesse Seymour said...

First off, Chief, thanks for linking to me. You've sent me more new visitors than any conservative blogger has (about 50% converted to subscribers as well).

Second, if you had actually read the article you would see that my main point is that change for the sake of change can be disastrous. According to everything I've read and heard about 50% of Hitler's followers followed him blindly and without question.

The comparison here is that Barrack Hussein Obama is calling for change yet he will not substantiate what his change is.

If you think my opinion is wrong then please add something constructive to the conversation, as you call on me to do. So far I have not seen anything constructive that I can take from this post.

I would love to hear your opinion on some points if you could please:

What substantial accomplishments does Barrack Hussein Obama have?

What change is Barrack Hussein Obama planning to make?

Why are people following him yet not really knowing much about him?

With that said, good day to you sir.