Friday, November 9, 2007

Wisconsin Bloggers and the Candidates They Endorse, Part III

The third in an occasional series:

Fred Thompson
Pete Fanning at PeteRepublic
Stu at Ravings from a Right Wing Wacko
The Contributors at Real Debate Wisconsin
Whomever's in charge (Eric, a.k.a. Ric) at Silent E Speaks
Josh Schroeder
The GOP3
Mary at Freedom Eden
The Disgruntled Car Salesman
The Ol' Broad at Ol' Broad Ramblings
The American Mind
The Asian Badger

Ron Paul
Jason Marianna at the Independent Conservative
Nick Schweitzer at the World According to Nick
Del Scorcho Jr. from Wisconsin - Fond du Lac*
The Guy at On the Borderline*
Rudy Guiliani
Brenda at Racine's Report Card
Mike Huckabee
Troy Fullerton at Rendesvous With Destiny*
Barack Obama
Erik Opsal at The Hippie Perspective (currently working as Communications Chair for UW-Madison's chapter of Students for Barack Obama)
Ken Mobile at Mobile's Take

John Edwards
Madison for Edwards

Bill Richardson
The Crew at Mixter's Mix

* = new additions

As usual, this is hardly an adequate accounting of the state's opinonators. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I'll be updating this list throughout the next year, probably furiously during primary season. If you change your mind (or have the voters of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, etc. change your mind for you), let me know in the comments and I'll adjust accordingly.

MORE: William Welbes, proprietor of several sites, including Wisconsin for Huckabee, has throw in his lot for ... well, I'm sure you can guess.

MORE STILL: John Washburn, of Washburn's World, is voting for Ron Paul -- at least according to Nick Schweitzer.