Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lieberman for VP?

Anyone else curious why the Weekly Standard is pushing for a Joe Lieberman VP nod from the GOP nominee, whom the WS clearly wants to be Giuliani?

Isn't this a recipe for the electoral slaughter of the GOP? What self-respecting conservative would want to vote for a pair of pro-choice, pseudo-Republicans? Who on the ticket would do outreach to the evangelical community? What about the Southern conservatives? Lieberman has a strong record on environmental issues -- how does that help Giuliani?

Has anyone at the Weekly Standard noticed that Lieberman was actually a Democrat not too long ago? And don't feed me a line about Lieberman being a symbol of a "new bipartisan direction for the country" or some crap like that ... that's simply is not true. Lieberman's divorce from the Democratic party has been a slow, prolonged process that has left both sides with ill feelings.

If this is the kind of advice the neoconservative wing will be giving the GOP over the course of the next year Republicans can just as well save the nation the trouble of an election and hand over the keys to the White House right now.

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