Monday, October 8, 2007

More Wisconsin Bloggers and the Candidates They Support

I figured after yesterday's post I would go back I make a stronger effort to find out which of the Democratic candidates are supported by Wisco bloggers. Today's search was a little bit more successful:

Barack Obama

Erik Opsal at The Hippie Perspective (currently working as Communications Chair for UW-Madison's chapter of Students for Barack Obama)

Ken Mobile at Mobile's Take

John Edwards

Madison for Edwards

Bill Richardson

The Crew at Mixter's Mix

Again, if you know of any others, pass them on my way. I'd really love to see if there are any bloggers plugging any of the third party candidates for no other reason than those will probably the most enjoyable to read. So all of you Don J. Grundmann, Paul Kangas, Wayne Allyn Root, Gene Amondson, Brian Moore, Terry "Tee" Barkdull, Orion Karl Daley, James H McCall, Frank Moore, and Charles T. Maxham supporters out there, drop me a line.

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