Monday, November 26, 2007

Farmers Fees

George Farmer, Oshkosh's favorite tax advocate, is back with another winning missive to the NW:

Is this what you wanted? Here's are some of the new taxes from the new state budget (all the information is from an article by Bart Winkler on the WKBT Channel 8 La Crosse Web site.)

$1 more per pack on cigarettes.
$20 more on vehicle registration.
$10 more for driver's license.
$24.50 more for vehicle title.
Up to $11 more for boat registration.
$98 more in property taxes on the average home.
$9 to $11 more to apply to a state university.
5.5 percent more for tuition to a state university.
$8 to $13 more for birth/death certificates and marriage/divorce records.

Furthermore, from what has been reported by the local media, no one can say for sure how much your local property taxes will increase.

Is this what you wanted? I would doubt it. But, how did all this happen? Perhaps it is the result, to some degree, of a air-guitar champ representing you in the State Assembly. I am not sure. But it is something to consider for the next election.

George S. Farmer


[For the sake of adding a little context to these remarks, here's the WKBT article Farmer cites and here's what I imagine he means by the "local media" piece.]

Well, George, let's just clarify your little willful misrepresentation of the facts here: It is not the result "of an air-guitar champ representing you in the State Assembly." Hintz voted against the budget. Everyone who represents Oshkosh voted against the budget. What more would you have them do, hold a rally at the capitol?

MORE: A letter to the NW tries to remedy Farmer's misstatements.

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