Sunday, October 7, 2007

Wisconsin Bloggers and the Candidates They Endorse

Here are the results of a brief, informal (and very unscientific) survey of Wisconsin bloggers and the presidential candidates they support. Basically, I just went down the WisOpinion blogroll and looked for any immediate sign that a given blogger was supporting a particular candidate, which usually was in the form of an e-bumper sticker. Obviously, this isn't a very exact way of conducting a survey like this, but what are you going to do?

There did not seem to be enough left-leaning/Democratic blogs endorsing particular candidates to bother with.

Fred Thompson

Pete Fanning at PeteRepublic
Stu at Ravings from a Right Wing Wacko
The Contributors at Real Debate Wisconsin
Whoever's in charge (Eric, a.k.a. Ric) at Silent E Speaks
Josh Schroeder
The GOP3
Mary at Freedom Eden
The Disgruntled Car Salesman
The Ol' Broad at Ol' Broad Ramblings
The American Mind
The Asian Badger

Ron Paul
Jason Marianna at the Independent Conservative
Nick Schweitzer at the World According to Nick

Rudy Guiliani
Brenda at Racine's Report Card

I think it'd be cool to keep a running list as the election gears up and moves into the primary phase, just for curiosity's sake. If any of these are incorrect feel free to mention so in the comments. Also, if you know of any other blogs that are endorsing -- Dem, GOP, crazy third party, etc. -- please let me know. I'll try to put together a comprehensive list.

MORE: *Sean Hackbarth over at the American Mind, is actually working on the Thompson campaign.

EVEN MORE: I got a few more comments and will pretty much keep updating this post according with any further editorial on my part. I'll probably repost the list every now and then just to keep things fresh.

Feel free to tell you readers. Thanks, all, for helping (especially Sean for his post at the American Mind)!


Sean Hackbarth said...

I'm doing a little more than endorsing Fred Thompson. I'm working on his campaign.

Jb said...

Duly noted.

Pete Fanning said...

March 3rd is pretty much when I came on board....I think I was pretty much the first Wisconsin blogger that DID get on board with Fred....thanks for listing me first :) Don't know if that was by accident or by karma....

Nick said...

Although I have no official link on my blog, I support Ron Paul.

Silent E said...

I checked him out after I read Pete's Blog.

My name is Ric... It's really Eric but everybody calls me Ric, hence silent E.

I'm the guy in charge...

Jb said...

Mr. Fanning - don't know if it was accident or Karma ... let's just say both.

Ric - I'll make the change. Thanks!

You too nick, I'll be sure to add you to the list.

Thanks one and all!