Monday, November 26, 2007

The Kucinich-Paul Platform: Hookers & Strippers for All!

Strange bed fellows, indeed ...

Recently Dennis Kucinich told a crowd he was considering Ron Paul as a potential running-mate in the unlikely event that he wins the Democratic presidential nomination. This would create a bipartisan fringe candidate all-star ticket the likes of which has not been contemplated before -- ever!

While the mind reels at the policies that would result from such a merge of the minds, there is some evidence that sex under a Kucinich-Paul administration would be paradoxically both "free" and expensive. Kucinich has lately received some financial help from famous pornographer Larry Flynt, while today Paul won the endorsement of a notable Nevada brothel owner. Paul already has the backing of shadowy PAC Strippers for Ron Paul.

I'd love to see what the dress code at the White House would be with these two in charge ...

MORE: Craig Crawford thinks that the two should get together if by only of the virtue of their zealous supporters ... regarding which, here's some more on the Ron Paul Blimp.

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