Friday, November 9, 2007

Thank You for Playing! We Have Some Lovely Parting Gifts for You Backstage

Note to applicants interested in applying for the permanent Oshkosh City Manager position: Purge your internet footprint of any potentially embarrassing or merely difficult to explain episodes. Please prepare press releases accounting for why you failed French in 9th grade (use language that does not exceed a 5th grade reading level). Submit flow charts as needed.

I don't blame the council for wanting a do-over (or, if you prefer, save face). The next round of finalists for the permanent manager will be vetted to within an inch of their lives before the short list is made public. Mr. Pearson should re-apply, and I hope other potential candidates are not dissuaded from seeking the job despite the present circumstances.

I'm sure this conversation will continue well into next week ...

C'est le vie!

Because it's Friday, you all deserve a beer. Since I am unable to physically provide any readers of this blog with beer, here's a completely unconventional, and rather ingenious, Guinness commercial that debuted in England last night:

This thing cost $20 million to make and was directed by a Danish photographer by the name of Nicolai Fugslig (he did another strangely beautiful commercial for Sony you can see here).

Out until Monday night/Tuesday morning.

Have a lovely weekend.

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