Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Best. Holiday. Ever.

(Screw you, Arbor Day!)

After watching the Packers whip the bejesus out of Detroit, I'm gonna take the 25% left of my sobriety and eat myself some turkey (I'm a dark meat guy), some stuffing (most under-rated part of the meal ... with gravy, of course), perhaps some veggies ... all the fixings!

Then I'm going to the kids table and tell some stories that sound kinda true but are, in fact, greatly exaggerated ...

And when everyone's finally tossed in the towel, I'm going to kick back in the Lay-Z-Boy and read the latest essay from Francis Fukuyama, provocatively entitled "Should Democracy be Promoted or Demoted?"

There's going to be a quiz on Monday.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

[photo via Deadspin]

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