Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Change of Gov't Crew Gets the Ball Rolling

The organizational meeting was held Wednesday. If the reports are accurate and "around 25" people showed up (I hope there was a sign-in sheet ...), and every attendee is up for gathering signatures, then each person will need to collect about 150 signatures (or 147.28, to be precise) for the measure to be placed on the ballot in the next 54 days. That's about three signatures a day, per volunteer, between tomorrow and the January 17th deadline.

I'm sure Babblemur's will have more on the meeting tomorrow.

UPDATE: This morning's story is a little different -- and more specific -- than the primer from last night, noting that only "about 14" people in attendance demonstrated support for the measure. Obviously that changes the numbers listed above a little. Now, with only 14 people gathering signatures each volunteer will have to collect 263 names, or just under 5 per day per person until the deadline.

It's important to note that there will likely be more people collecting signatures than were at the meeting. Some will join the effort once word of mouth gets around town and I'd wager a few folks were simply unable to make the meeting for reasons that are entirely understandable.

MORE: Here's Babblemur take on the meeting.

Just as an aside, I like the "doorway to Northeast Wisconsin" phrase ... That or some kind of variant might work well in marketing material. It has a very welcoming feel to it ...


Babblemur said...

Its better than "doormat" to NE Wisconsin...

Jb said...

You know what, I actually had a line about doormats in the first draft of this update, but didn't like the way it looked on first glance.

Next time I'll go with my gut