Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bless You, Judith Regan

Recent revelations regarding the Rupert Murdoch-Judith Regan-Bernie Kerik-Rudy Giuliani axis of comedy reminded me of a very funny essay published in the Washington Post almost three years ago:

And, frankly, Bernie, we don't care that the guy you called a "top-shelf guy" later pleaded guilty to a felony conspiracy charge. Hey, as we say in Washington, "mistakes were made."

That story made us miss you, Bernie, but it didn't make us miss you half as much as the story in yesterday's Daily News -- the one about your "secret love nest."

Oh, boy, did we love that story. We loved it so much we've been e-mailing it to each other all day. It said that while you were living with your lovely dental hygienist wife and two kids in "posh digs" in New Jersey, you also had a Manhattan "love nest" where you entertained not one but two mistresses.

God bless you, Bernie, you have more libido than the rest of the Bush Cabinet put together!

The first alleged mistress is a prison guard, and, Bernie, we understand how a man's heart can go pitter-pat at the sight of a woman in uniform.

The whole thing can be found here.

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