Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Satanists Stole the Mayor!

I couldn't make this up if my life depended on it:

Centerton, Arkansas mayor Ken Williams resigned last week after, er, an injection of "truth serum" made him realize that he was, um, brainwashed by satanists in the 1970s. Apparently, Williams also remembered that he is actually Don LaRose, a former preacher in Indiana who was married with two kids. In 1980, he ran away and changed his identity to escape the unspecified satanists. Williams's secret came out when his former family tracked him down through a Web site that, stay with me here, Williams himself runs about LaRose's disappearance.

Apparently this guy has no problem telling his story.

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CJ said...

Any chance he's related to Art Bell? (Coast to Coast AM)