Friday, November 16, 2007

Morning Omnibus Reader

* Nasty push polls debut in Iowa.

* Comet Holmes will be all kinds of visible this weekend.

* I read Ivy League student newspapers so you don't have to! From the Harvard Crimson: "Harvard Sucks"

* "Musharraf Remains the US's Best Option"

* The Catholic Church will beatify the first indigenous Argentine this weekend, raising all kinds of messy issues involving race, ethnicity and colonialism.

* And last, but not least, I'd like to draw readers' attention to this excerpt:

Since September 11, the whereabouts of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has been fodder for the rumor mill. Bin Laden sightings pop up now and then, but the rumors have never been substantiated. Since bin Laden fled the fighting in Tora Bora in 2001, U.S. intelligence has had few leads to follow up on. But bin Laden is widely believed to be operating in Pakistan’s rugged tribal regions of the Northwest Frontier Province.

The latest rumor comes from Ahmad Farooq, a Pakistani Pashtun Taliban fighter, who claimed to have last seen bin Laden in the Chitral district of the Northwest Frontier Province in September of 2003.

Let me just reiterate the take-away fact here: the latest rumor, as opposed to legitimate intelligence, of bin Laden's whereabouts is over four years old.

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