Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Walker and the Palin Endorsement

This will not end well for Walker:
Walker sought help in his run for governor Friday in a half-hour meeting with Palin after her invitation-only Wisconsin Right to Life event. Time's Web site first reported on the meeting Wednesday, and Walker spokeswoman Jill Bader confirmed it was accurate.


Palin told Walker she would be focused through the end of the year on her tour promoting her upcoming book, "Going Rogue," but would begin helping candidates in January. Walker asked Palin to appear with him at a Fox Valley event to help combat expected fund-raising help the Democratic candidate would get from President Barack Obama.

(emphasis added)
The Fox Valley is one of Wisconsin's swing regions. Bringing an extremist in to court independent voters will only backfire. It may rally the base, but those aren't the people Walker needs to get on board. (Of course, if this is just a fund-raising thing, that's another story all together)

Palin is tremendously unpopular. There's also every indication that she's going to be doubling down on her scorched earth campaign against Republican insiders during her book tour in the next few months [via M]. Since Virginia seems to be such a popular model to the governor's mansion among republicans these days, it should be noted that McDonnell kept Palin at arm's length until the election was already in the bag.

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